Stay thirsty, my friend!

What can we learn from “the world’s most interesting man”?   Regardless of the product or service we sell, are we fully taking advantage of the emotional factor associated with the sale? Emotions are certainly not the only reason a product sells, but it’s hard to argue that there is no emotional component to professional …

How will you make quota in 2018?

  Don’t make the beginning of 2018 simply an extension of how you approached your sales territory in 2017. Put aside a fair amount of time to work on your business — not simply in your business. By this I mean take a step back and take a fresh approach to the upcoming year. Look …

What is your response to this objection?

  There is a particular objection that comes in many forms. And the fact is, many sales folks struggle — and some are at a total loss — when faced with it. Some reps will immediately fold their tents and never return! After all, why waste time when your prospect utters these familiar words? You …

A Resource for Professional Sales Executives

Universal Sales Truths

UST was founded by Scott Dunkel in October of 2012. The objective of the company is to provide resources for sales execs to accelerate their careers.

After being intimately involved in professional sales for more than 30 years, Scott can confidently say that one thing is true. In order to be successful long-term, there are fundamental truths that MUST be adhered to. Technology has certainly changed the way we prospect and make initial connections. Additionally, the fact that your prospects have more information available on your product or service than ever before requires you to be more on top of your game than in the past.

However, when you are engaged in a sales call, things have essentially not changed. He speaks to these truths in the monthly newsletter and goes into greater detail in the book. As in life in general, developing solid listening skills, integrity and a strong work ethic; learning from others; and a heavy dose of common sense are 90 percent of the formula.

Sales Truths

  • Surround yourself with successful people of integrity.
  • Use your words carefully—think before responding!
  • Do more listening than talking.
  • Work your land.
  • Be humble, not prideful.

Meet Scott Dunkel

After a successful 30-year career in the highly competitive field of high-tech sales, Scott is now directing his attention to mentoring young business-to-business (B2B) sales execs to help them avoid the pitfalls and roadblocks that negatively affect sales success. Based on his experience as well as numerous interviews with successful sales execs, he has come to the conclusion that long-term success can be achieved by following fundamental sales truths that stand the test of time. He writes about these principles in his monthly sales blog as well as in his book “What They Don’t Teach You in Sales School,” which has received 5-star reviews on Amazon.

In addition, Scott volunteers with the local SCORE chapter. SCORE is a nonprofit association affiliated with the Small Business Association (SBA) that provides mentoring for small-business owners.