What They Didn’t Teach You In Sales School

Combining a successful 30-year career in technology sales and in-depth interviews with other career sales executives, sales managers, as well as C-level executive decision-makers, the author offers sound advice for individuals interested in pursuing a career in professional sales. The primary goal of the book is to accelerate the learning curve for professional sales execs. The next objective is to make it an enjoyable read by sharing real sales stories that underscore a sales principle. Readers typically remember a principle if it is told via a story. The story can then be applied to one’s personal sales environment. Additionally, these stories relate to higher-level principles that the author refers to as UNIVERSAL SALES TRUTHS. These are truths that stand the test of time. Regardless of the time-frame, environment, product or service, if you adhere to these UNIVERSAL SALES TRUTHS, everything else will take care of itself. The author deals with topics that are rarely covered in sales-related books, such as developing an annual business plan, the art of listening, career changes, handling a lost sale, the financial sale, and the business relationship. This is NOT a book of sales tactics and closing strategies. It is written for individuals interested in taking their career as a professional sales exec to the highest level.

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